Data Analysis

ACCESS provides resources, software, training, and consulting that enable data analysis-related activities such as:

Infrastructure Resources

All ACCESS high-performance computing, high-throughput computing, storage, visualization, and cloud infrastructure resources can be used for data analysis. Specific features that are especially useful for data analysis include:

  • GPUs for accelerated data analysis using AI and machine learning techniques

  • Data storage resources

Software and Services

For data collections:

To discover data analysis related software and services on ACCESS allocated HPC resources:

To discover data analysis related software and services available in any form (installable packages, cloud images, containers, SaaS, etc.) on ACCESS allocated resources, ACCESS un-allocated resources, and non-ACCESS resources:

Some useful RSP searches:

To discover ACCESS integrated Science Gateways that may provide domain specific data analysis capabilities:


The Cornell Virtual Workshops covers data analysis topics including: Python, Matlab, R, HDF5, Large Data Visualization, ParaView, VisIt, Relational Databases, and MapReduce.

Consulting and Extended Support

For more information regarding users needing assistance finding and using data analysis related resources, software, services, training, or needing lightweight consulting please refer to our MATCH services.