Opening a Support Ticket

This page walks you through the steps needed to request expert help by opening a support ticket.

You can open a support ticket by visiting (You must be logged into ACCESS.)

1. Go to the Help Desk Support Ticket Form.

The top part of the form looks like this:

2. Click the CREATE TICKET button; that will load the ACCESS Ticket Submission page. The top part of that page looks like this:

The page should fill in the ACCESS ID and Your Name fields automatically for you; if it does not, please enter them manually.

3. In the Summary field, enter a quick summary of your issue.

Provide a succinct description of the issue you are experiencing.

4. Use the ACCESS Support Issue menu to choose a category.

Choose the category that best matches the issue you are experiencing.

5. Use the Description field to enter a detailed explanation of the issue.

Describe what you are trying to do and the problem you are experiencing, providing enough detail for an expert to begin diagnosing the problem.

6. (Optional) Set the Priority for your issue.

Specify the priority as Medium or lower, unless this is an emergency.

7. (Optional) Attach any files that are relevant to your problem.

Either drag-and-drop, paste, or use the “Browse” button to attach any files that the expert will need to reproduce your problem.

8. Indicate whether you are using a particular ACCESS Resource.

Use the radio buttons to answer Yes or No.

9. Use the Keywords menu to enter specific terms that are relevant to your problem.

These might include: hardware (e.g., GPUs, Infiniband), software (e.g., C/C++, CUDA, Gaussian, Tensorflow), or libraries (e.g., MPI, OpenMP, …) technologies you are using; the domain area in which you are working (e.g., Computational Chemistry, Digital Humanities, …), ACCESS-specific problems (e.g., ACCESS-credits), or any other specifics you can provide. These will help us connect you with an expert who can help you with your problem

10. (Optional) If you were unable to find any suitable keywords, indicate that.

If none of the keywords in the menu fit your situation, click on the checkbox shown below and a technician will follow up with you.

11. Click the Send button near the bottom of the page.


Complete these steps and you are done!

You will receive email confirmation regarding your ticket, along with information to check the status of your ticket.